Running has been a recent addition to my life. It is also one of those things, I never thought I’d be associated with in my life.

I became acquainted with the team behind Adidas Runners Mumbai, a few months before launch. The personal attention and the focus on solid fundamentals immediately sold me on the concept.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been running with Adidas Runners Mumbai for a couple of months now and prior to leaving for a trip to London, the team recommended I should run with Adidas Runners London while I’m there. They had three events during the time I was going to be visiting. Two gatherings and one run. It was London Marathon time and everyone was geared up.

The only run I was able to take part in was a three and a half kilometre recovery run which was designed to keep it easy for those who had run the marathon the previous day. The route was absolutely amazing as we ran beside iconic landmarks such as the tower bridge and the London Bridge.

Leading the run was James Heptonstall along with Noel Carroll, the team behind Epic Challenges. If you haven’t heard of them, you should look them up. They raced against the London Metro and the New York Subway and won.